The Friars Speak

St. Francis, Aviston, IL

Zeal is not a good teacher. It does not discern. It only feels.       Amadeus Walerian, Guardian of the Friary of San Stigliano

I am a friar because I have made a vow to be a friar. To be a poor friar. I do not regret it. Even if I did not get chicken in my bowl.       Cantor

Any half-wit can recognize the sound of a church bell and guess what it means.       Emilian

"God meets every man, but few recognize Him."       Benefice (from his collection)

Don't fool yourself, Cantor. The papacy, the cardinals, the kings of Europe, and the whole Franciscan Chapter are paying very close attention to what is happening in our friary.       Kerstan

Just make sure you wash up to your elbows. I do not want my soup and loaves to smell like your goats.       Gustave

You pray to God as if He were your uncle.       Honorato

All the work I do for the Church of God is done well, and I will not let anyone hinder me.              Nobilus

We will answer your questions....But first you must listen to who we are and why we have done what we have done.       Venedictos

Peace. I wanted--I craved--peace.       Sereno

Bologna was pouring out knowledge throughout Europe, while your Paris was still trying to find itself. But I don't expect you to understand that. Hah!       Quintus

God bless you for doing this, Leo. Many people destroy, but it is a gift to be a comforter. Do you understand? A gift.       Fabrizio

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Photos by Rhonda Chandler

Photos by Rhonda Chandler